Picky or perfectionist?

So I figure there are 2 types of milliners, or crafters in general actually. Those that are pretty proud of whatever they make whether it looks professional or home made and those that are as picky as, whether it looks professional or home made. Guess which category I fit into!

As a result of this I have refashioned several of my pieces from their original design, the shape doesn’t vary too much, well with some of them, but the end result is completely different and something I’m actually happy to send off into the world.

This was one of my first fabric covered pieces, which just never quite looked good enough in my opinion. I had the block made by Daryl Osborne at http://www.hatblocksaustralia.com.au, I dream of playing with more of his blocks but anyway. So here’s the “before” or original.

This was back in late 2012 from memory. So around the middle of last year (2016) I decided that it needed to be changed. It was stripped back and redone. New tulle pleated on the top and bottom, the elastic was tossed out and it is now mounted on a headband with plastic comb and the tiniest, cutest littlest flowers surround it. Now this I’m happy with, I think the finished product is beautiful. What do you think? Would you ever strip apart a project and redo it?


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